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Plasencia Alma del Campo

Here's the play. Bases are loaded, it's the bottom of the ninth, and you're down by three. Next up to bat? Plasencia's Alma del Campo line of cigars. Second in the premium "Alma" line of cigars by Plasencia, the Alma del Campo cigar is a candy bar that sports its binder, fillers, and wrapper straight from the Nicaraguan motherland. This rich and complex medium-to-full bodied smoke offers vibrant tasting notes of oak, chocolate, coffee, cedar, and dried fruit. An experience better than having a hot dog and peanuts on a clear day at a good ole ball game. A swing, *CRACK*, and the Plasencia Alma del Campo is a forsure home run! Wrapper : Nicaraguan Body : Medium - Full Filler : Nicaraguan Binder : Nicaraguan Taste Notes : Oak, Chocolate, Coffee, Cedar, Dried Fruit
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